The Cubs’ Bert Campaneris, Revisited

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The last time we had this Bert Campaneris poll, Chicago Cubs fans (and whoever else happened upon our neck of the internet) voted overwhelmingly for super-utility guru Javier Baez, who received 56% of the vote.  This is certainly deserved, as Javy has been involved in some of the most spectacular defensive plays in recent memory:

Having multiple guys with decent bats who can move around the diamond without losing too much in the way of defense has made Joe Maddon‘s job a lot easier, especially now that the Cubs roster resembles a MASH unit:

With so many players on the shelf or needing just a day or two off, it’s been prescient and fortunate that the front office has built so much positional versatility into the guys who are still walking without a limp.  The contingency plans are in place as the roster depth has been tested to nearly its limits.  But then they call up another rookie and he does stuff like this:

And this:

And you’re like, well then, rookie, you can stay!  It also helps a bunch that he can apparently (or at least is willing to) play anywhere on the field:

Willson Contreras is a converted catcher so he did start out as an infielder with experience in the outfield as well.  He’s certainly got the arm, so if he needed to I guess he could pitch if the game gets out of whack.  And since he’s actually developed as a catcher, rather than Javy, who’s just the emergency guy, this might be an even better option to sneak all over the field as a gimmick.  Of course, the Cubs have to get healthy first, and continue to have a good lead, for this to even be a consideration, but it’s refreshing to know that the options exist if needed…or just for fun.


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