Survival of the Strangest (Now With Video!)

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I can’t even with this game.  I swear.

We’re talking about a game where Jon Lester pitched well enough to win, but gave up a solo homer to Billy Hamilton (not the Hall of Famer), and then Hector Rondon blew a save, and the Chicago Cubs couldn’t buy a hit for something like nine innings.  Then in extras, Joe Maddon ran out of bench guys, so we had this:

I can't even.
I can’t even.

One night after Kris Bryant went nuts, the Cubs were held scoreless through most of the extra innings until the top of the 15th, when Bryant himself punched through the go-ahead run before Javier Baez killed a baseball to put the game away.  But before then, the bullpen had to hold the Cincinnati Reds in check, and they did, with THREE different pitchers playing left field as Maddon had to maneuver pitchers in and out of matchups as the bullpen and bench were depleted.  I’m so glad it worked.  Can’t wait for the videos!

UPDATE 6/30 1:20 PM: Never a disappointment, as MLB spliced together the silliness…

Also, check this article out for some nuggets of silliness:

The last time three Cubs pitchers even played in the field in the same SEASON, let alone the same game, was in 1904, when Bob Wicker played 20 games in the outfield, Frank Corridon got into five games at first base and the legendary Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown made cameo appearances at second base and the outfield. Ah, but times sure were different then. Wicker won 17 games that year. Can you imagine Maddon running Jake Arrieta or Jon Lester out to first base 20 times between now and October?

Sure, why not?


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