The Wild Walk Off, No Haircuts

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Three days after a pretty slick walkoff victory, the Chicago Cubs were at it again.

You would think that a 3-run lead with a solid closer on the mound would be bad news, and historically you’d be correct.  But this year’s Cubs team, despite its slumps and minor flaws, reminds me a lot of the 2008 team that just refused to lose (until, well, you know) because they made the opponent play hard for every out.  This was no different, as the Cubs loaded the bases, then everyone moved up on a sac fly, then a couple of walks to force in the tying run before Matt Szczur came home during Willson Contreras‘ at-bat.  You would prefer the Cubs score early and often, but if they are given outs to spare, you can be confident that they’ll use them well.

After the game, John Lackey (who didn’t get a ton of run support during his outing despite a quality start) had a gem of a quote:

Here’s the quote again in better context…

I have no idea what the hair cut thing is about, but I like the sound of jewelry come October.  This team has as good a chance as any of sealing the deal, and it certainly helps that the Cubs are leading the majors in wins as well as their division by a comfortable margin.  On the road again…get it on!


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