Ivy’s Roundup – The American League West is Turrible

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Alright, it’s the start of the school year and we’re all busy these days, so you’re not going to get recaps and stuff as often.  Unless, of course, a breaking news story happens during one of my rare prep periods or before or after school, then you’ll get a time crunch post!  But we push on.

Last time we did a recap, the Chicago Cubs had swept the Miami Marlins after walking off against the Seattle Mariners.  The Cubs had also previously smacked around the Texas Rangers to win their earlier series, and recently also swept the Oakland Athletics.  With the latest series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Cubs have gone 13-4 against the American League, and now only have one interleague series left against the Houston Astros.  The only other interleague matchup was against the White Sox, in which the Cubs split the four game set.

What does this mean?  Probably nothing, really.  The series are really short, there’s too small of a sample, the teams the Cubs played were flawed and/or bad, etc. etc.  But wins are wins, and if the loaded lineup tells us anything, it is that the Cubs can match up well against any team.  After the Astros, though, the Cubs won’t see another American League team until…the World Series.  In the meantime, I guess we will have to see whether Joe Maddon goes nuts against the Astros in Houston with the DH at his disposal


St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs

The Cubs will now host the division rival Cardinals for a four-game set at Wrigley Field.  Being that the Cubs are 12 games up in the division, the worst that can happen after this series is that…the Cubs will maintain their position as first in the division.  So just enjoy.

Thursday, August 11
7:05 PM Central
Carlos Martinez vs. Jon Lester
TV = CSN-C, MLB Network (out of town), Radio = WSCR AM 670 The Score

Friday, August 12
1:20 PM Central
Adam Wainwright vs. Jake Arrieta
TV = ABC 7, MLB Network (out of town), Radio = WSCR AM 670 The Score

Saturday, August 13
1:20 PM Central
Luke Weaver vs. Kyle Hendricks
TV = ABC 7, Radio = WSCR AM 670 The Score

Sunday, August 14
7:08 PM Central
Mike Leake vs. John Lackey
TV = ESPN, Radio = WSCR AM 670 The Score


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