The Return of Tommy La Stella

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I was just getting out of class this afternoon and checked my Twitter in passing when who should we find in the lineup…

This was of course a surprise to me as September 1 is tomorrow, but apparently Tommy La Stella is a very good matchup against Pittsburgh Pirates starter Ryan Vogelsong, so what the hey, let’s do it!  For his part, La Stella was very open about his return and his interactions with his teammates.  You can read Jesse Rogers’ interview with La Stella here, and here are some highlights from his pre-game conference:

This is consistent with the prior interview he did with Jesse Rogers, and reflects a guy who really wants to be nothing but a Chicago Cub, and who enjoys playing with a group of guys who like him back.  It also speaks well of an organization to give him the kind of leeway that I don’t think most of us would have expected for any job, really.  Then again, some bosses are more understanding than others, and it seems that Theo Epstein is a pretty understanding boss.  You could argue that this is because La Stella is a pretty useful player (even as the Cubs have been on a tear without him), but it would be nice to think that this front office had the bigger picture in mind.

So welcome back, Tommy.  Hope you do well as the magic number keeps shrinking.


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