What Happens When the Cubs Win?

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The title of this blog entry is a paraphrase from a segment from SportsCenter where Scott Van Pelt asked…”What if the Cubs win?”  At this point, having already clinched the NL Central, the Chicago Cubs are just going through the motions, keeping guys loose and healthy, trying not to lose too much of the edge before they truck into October as the clear best team in the National League, if not all of MLB.  Heck, it’ll be at least a couple more days before another team even hits 90 victories.

Despite the hiccups this weekend against Milwaukee as the Cubs rested their starters after the clinch, they will have clinched a winning record against every other division foe (except for the Cardinals, who have one more series left with the Cubs), will have only lost two series against the Mets (oh noes) and the Rockies (who cares), and will have accumulated the largest run differential for a team since the Dark Ages (I embellish, but +220something is pretty darned good).  This team is good.  It’s gotten to the point where I’m just going to leave the clinching banner up on our blog until the end of the regular season, because while it would be nice to keep winning every single game, the Cubs have earned the luxury and privilege of not having to.  And that is fine.

I know Cubs fans have been used to losing for so long, but I feel like the time has come to start thinking about what should be the new inevitable–that this team is so good, so loaded, and so well taken-care-of by the front office, that even if it isn’t this year (I think it will be, but I’m a dreamer, after all), it might be the year after, and we’re looking at something awesome very soon.  Why dwell on the goofy weird stuff (like this weekend series) that happens in baseball that nobody can really control?  The Cubs have proven time and again that they deserve to be considered an elite team, and the favorite to get to, and win, the World Series.

So I’m just going to tweak Scott Van Pelt’s message…what happens WHEN the Cubs win?  I’d sure love to find out, possibly this October.


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