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As the Chicago Cubs bid farewell to Wrigley Field for the regular season (don’t worry, they’ve already clinched and all that), we woke up to very sad news as Miami Marlins All-Star pitcher Jose Fernandez tragically passed:

The news, pictures, gifs, and tributes were plastered all over the internet so I won’t burden you with that any more than necessary.  I do love this one, though:

The 1908 Cubs newspaper clipping. Very nifty to see a piece of history.
The 1908 Cubs newspaper clipping. Very nifty to see a piece of history.

I think it’s somewhat fitting that all of the tributes have to do with how much joy Fernandez embodied, and it was only the night before that I took my family downtown to check out Harry Caray’s restaurant and the Chicago Sports Museum in Water Tower Place for the first time.  There are many issues in my life that one could consider stressful, but there are things out of my control that I try not to worry about as well, and it’s always fun to just go out, not worry about anything else, and enjoy time with the family.  It helped that the food ended up not sucking and the museum was also a good experience, especially for the kid who got to play with all the interactive exhibits.

I also got myself a new souvenir:

If it weren’t crappy Budweiser I’d have been happier, but apparently that’s what Harry Caray liked best, so I sucked it up and toasted him.  Nice glass though, I’m kind of glad I did this with the family but would likely use my money more efficiently in the future, hehe.

I started this blog wanting to talk about my fun night with the family and did want to talk about how well-positioned the Cubs were for the postseason, but the sad news of today kind of altered that…but only slightly.  I was still enjoying life, still having a blast with my loved ones, and I don’t think that should change even in the face of tragedy.  This isn’t to discount what happened or to cheapen the tragedy, but to reflect upon what guys like Jose Fernandez did every day–they made the most of life, and they had fun whenever they could.  I think that kind of attitude is helpful as we mourn his loss.

Get it?!
Get it?!

The funny thing is that we did all this after the Cubs had just lost to the Cardinals to drop them to .500 on the season against their closest division competitors…which, again, who cares, the Cubs clinched already blah blah blah.  I think I was looking forward to going out and about with the family than watching Saturday’s game anyway, and while it’s easier to shake off a loss when the team is REALLY good, it wasn’t that big of a deal because baseball is weird and we just move on.  It’s kind of weird to only be .500 against the Cards when the run differential is +19, but again, that’s baseball.  However, it’s fun to note that no one in MLB can surpass the Cubs’ win total this year…and the Cubs have seven games left after their home finale against the Cards to tack on.  Cool.

If Jose Fernandez has taught us anything during the time his star shined the brightest in MLB, it is that we should always enjoy life and take comfort in the people and things that make us happy.  I felt fortunate that we were able to have our family Saturday night together.  I also have been very appreciative of this Cubs season which has generated countless memories, and I choose to focus on all those positives.  It’s tough to be upbeat on such a downer of a day after losing such a personality, but as we see, one never knows when it will be over, so why not just enjoy it while it lasts?

If we assume that we will be here for a bit longer and don’t dwell on the inevitabilities that we can’t control, then we will have something else to look forward to

Just a couple of fans having some fun...
Just a couple of fans having some fun…

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