Waiting Is the Hardest Part

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Now that the regular season is over, and having clinched just about everything good imaginable, the Chicago Cubs and their fans will have to wait until Friday to see this team in postseason action.  We won’t even know who the opponents are until after Wednesday night, and we also don’t get to see what happens in their intrasquad simulated game, so this long break is going to be tough for us baseball fiends.

But we can certainly take advantage of our down time with some reading and viewing, right?  One way that you can amuse yourself, and support us in the process, is to check out our store and see if something tickles your fancy.  I recommend the Goatbusters water bottle…I have one myself, and after two years, it has several dings in it since I’ve dropped it like 700 times, so I may replace it soon.

Of course, some of you would rather save your money for World Series tickets (might have to plan a heist fairly soon), so we can focus this on the highlights from a 103-win season.  I think that is preferable for the majority of Cubs fans, though we do appreciate it if you buy our stuff haha.

There’s some cool stuff from Randall:

I could probably set up a highlight post with nothing but Javier Baez highlights, because he’s just that awesome, but let’s spread the love in this arbitrary top ten list, in no particular order…

10. Matt Szczur gets a go-ahead hit to give the Cubs win #103…now I probably could have used Miguel Montero‘s insurance homer right afterwards, but the Cubs don’t get to that point without Szczur as he tries to make the postseason roster.

9. Javier Baez and friends combine for a hell of a relay to cut down a run at the plate…I think there were more of these throughout the season, but this one had some Statcast attached to it…

8. Javy almost gets the out after a bobble on a spectacular play…this was the best non-out I’ve seen in a very long time.

7. One of many Javy tags we’ve seen this year.  Seriously, he is the BEST at this.

6. Jon Lester‘s walkoff squeeze bunt.  It was pretty much predictable, yet the Cubs pulled this off anyway.  Perfection.

5. Anthony Rizzo‘s superb tarp/wall catch, take two.

4. Willson Contreras‘ debut at-bat.

3. The Kris Bryant Game. Bryant had a full house (3 homers, 2 doubles)!

2. Javy’s walkoff vs. the Nationals. Epic win!  He even did the Sammy Sosa hop.

1. Jake Arrieta‘s no-hitter. Just because.

Here’s to many more highlights in October.


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