Cubs are ready to slay the Giants

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Tonight is the night fans of the Chicago Cubs have been waiting for since Sunday. Game one of the NLDS against the San Francisco Giants. The NLDS roster has been announced and the lineup is in

In a few hours the baseball world will be watching these two forces collide for the first of a best of five game series. While the Cubs are the “odds on favorite” to win the World Series in Vegas, there are no sure things in baseball; even if you are the best team in baseball.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Cubs catch a break with Madison Bumgarner pitching in the Wild Card game, meaning he will not pitch until game three of the series. By that time the Cubs could well be up two games to none, and he has to pitch against one of the best offenses in all of baseball and the reigning Cy Young winning is on the mound against him. The reason the Cubs catch a break, is because MadBum has a sub .8 ERA when pitching on the road, and the Cubs are lucky to face him at home. However, he has still gone 20+ innings in the postseason without giving up a run. He is the last pitcher I want to face in the postseason.

While I love seeing the Cubs be this successful, I also tend to dread this time of year because of the idiotic media. You do not have to be a long time fan to know the dumb questions the Cubs get asked about the past. They never fail, every year the Cubs get into the playoffs, they same dumb reporters bring up the same moments in team history and of course have to mention how long things have been. In case you were worried about the past, or the so called “curses” you can rest assured.


The past incidents of failure also have nothing to do with this years team as I constantly reminded people throughout the season. Allow this year’s team to stand on their own merits. If they win, fantastic. They would have deserved the victory and Chicago will throw a celebration that will never be matched… sorry Chicago BlackHawks, Chicago Bulls… and yes Chicago White Sox fans.

If they lose (which is a possibility), the result will not be due to some old fool who tried to bring a barnyard creature into a baseball stadium and was turned away like he should have been.

This Cubs team is special. They showed us that for 162 games, and I believe that they will continue to show us that for up to 19 more games (though I would love for them to only need 11).

Sit back and enjoy the game guys. This is going to be a fun ride.

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