The Best of the 2016 Cubs NLDS

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As you may have heard, the Chicago Cubs, those sleep-depriving band of lunatic youngsters (and Grandpa, too), have earned a trip to the National League Championship Series against whoever decides to win Game 5 of the other NLDS.  As Jake Arrieta might say…who gives a shit?  The Cubs are good, and we will just wait and see whether the good shines through or if baseball is weird.  Or maybe baseball will be weird anyway, and the Cubs will triumph despite it.

Whether they won or not (and trust me, I’m glad the Cubs were the victors here), there would have been plenty of highlights, mostly because of Javier Baez, but also because these guys are good and know how to have fun with their goodness.  Speaking of, here’s an honorable mention highlight…

And now, I guess we have to consolidate all the good times this week into a top ten list…so here we go!

10. David Ross hits a home run.  And this isn’t just any random home run…it ultimately helped decide the difference in the clincher (not taking away from the ninth-inning heroics, of course) and put Ross in the record books as not just the oldest Cub to ever hit a postseason home run, but also the oldest catcher ever to hit a postseason bomb.  No big deal.

9.  Travis Wood‘s home run.  The game was pretty well in control by then, but with Kyle Hendricks out early, Wood stepped up big time.

8. Jake Arrieta’s home run.  Had this been in the clinching game, this would have been a lot higher, but Jake will have to settle.  Anthony Rizzo‘s reaction is worth it, though.

7. Grandpa’s got a gun.  No embed link here, but you should check out David Ross gunning down runners left and right.

6. Jon Lester‘s superb start.  Nothing like a shutout performance by your ace to set the tone for the rest of the series.

5. Javier Baez hits the game-winning bomb.  Game of inches, indeed.

4. Albert Almora‘s diving catch. This clip shows the oopsy triple off Aroldis Chapman by some guy, but I doubt anyone could have caught that ball unless they had rocket boosters.  Almora redeemed himself before extras, however…

3. Kris Bryant‘s home run. At the time, we were just glad the game was tied.  Ultimately, I guess we were all happy that it didn’t matter that the Cubs lost in extras, but boy was this fun…even with our sleep getting all messed up.

2. The Non-Out Web Gem. Baez is so good that he turned a no-doubt hit into something that needed to be reviewed.  Denard Span should have been called out on general principle.

1.  The Comeback Clincher.  I wrestled with what I wanted to rank #1, and that Javy play almost made it, and probably would have made it if the call stood.  But this one is for the entire team, because they had to use nearly the entire lineup to steal this win and end the series.  I think it’s well deserved.

There won’t be any Cubs baseball until Saturday, but once again, they’ve earned this respite.  Onward!


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