Growing With The Cubs

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As the Chicago Cubs have made both incremental and significant strides towards glory, it’s difficult to ignore that we as a small corner of Cubs blogdom have grown as well.  As a site (which you’re reading now), on Facebook, and Twitter too, we’ve seen the numbers ramp up as casual and die-hard fans alike have found us.  To that, I say the more the merrier, as this run is a ton of a lot more fun when we can interact as friends and family united in a common bond.

This blog and community is more of a hobby than a business or anything, but as with everything we do for entertainment, some effort and resources do go into it.  We definitely appreciate you all reading and sharing our stories and posts, and to the handful of you who have visited our store to get what I would argue is the BEST Goatbusters shirt around (I mean, we even wrote a story about it!  But now I think we broke a copyright or some crap, so it’s gone, lame), thank you.

We also appreciate the offers to partner up, advertise, and offer our readers and followers new swag options until we actually have time to spruce up our own store.  In this case, we have an offer from a friend of the blog who has a pretty cool shirt:

Ready to #ReverseTheCurse, Cubs fans? Get the limited edition Reverse the Curse tee here 10% off: CLICK HERE. Don’t wait—it’s only available for a few days!

I would recommend copying and pasting the entire link into your browser to get the 10% off deal if it doesn’t work directly, but our friend was generous enough to give us a portion of the proceeds, so if we sell even one shirt, I guess we can call that a success!  And while we don’t really believe in goats or curses, there’s something to be said for poking fun and self-deprecation.

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About Rice Cube

Rice Cube is the executive vice president of snark at World Series Dreaming. He loves all things Cubs, with notable exceptions (specifically, the part of Cubs fandom that pisses him off). Follow on Twitter at cubicsnarkonia

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