NLCS: Can We PLEASE Just Enjoy the Series?

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After what can only be described as two simply great games to start the National League Championship Series, the headlines are not really what you would expect. You would think Miguel Montero’s go ahead grand slam in the eighth inning of game one, or the pitching dominating game two, the baseball world would be talking about these great games. Alas, that’s not the case.

Instead, we have Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal accusing the Chicago Cubs and Ben Zobrist of stealing signs, some Cubs fans accusing the Gary Cederstom and Dodgers manager Dave Roberts conspiring against the Cubs. If that’s not enough we have the Chicago Tribune and LA Times (who edited the story after complains of insensitivity) taking swipes at each other’s city.

The LA Times apologized for this tweet.

The NLCS is sadly being overshadowed by side show garbage when the two games have been spectacular no matter who you are rooting for. 

Instead we have players and fans making excuses for losing and two great cities trying to tear each other down through the media. This great and potentially historic series is being turned into a circus.

So please. To the clown show media, to the crybaby players making excuses and fans trying to come up with a grand conspiracy sit back and enjoy this series. 

Otherwise, the series will be over and you will not have enjoyed one minute of what is sure to be at least five great games.

3 Replies to “NLCS: Can We PLEASE Just Enjoy the Series?”

  1. Thank you!
    Your page has been the best since you started it…I still am wearing my World Series Dreaming hoodie and t-shirt(Cubbie in his bed dreaming).
    I keep telling game at a time..enjoy the ride…because I am.

  2. This is the same media that thinks Hillary would be a good president totally laughable. Cubs are so dominant that simply LA needs to distract from that. Arrietta tonight will be again a game that will be so exciting that this side show report will be sweep aside. Cubs will reign with dominance NOT trickery

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