NLCS Game 3: Mad

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Tuesday night was supposed to be different.  The Cubs were supposed to tee off on former Cubs pitcher Rich Hill, who magically figured out how to pitch well late in his career.  It didn’t happen.

Jake Arrieta was supposed to throw a no-hitter.  Didn’t happen either.

The offense was supposed to regress back to their normal juggernaut ways.  Oops on that one too.

In fact, the only solace was in knowing that for a few innings, the Cubs bullpen was nails until Mike Montgomery gave up a run in the bottom of the eighth inning.  Le sigh.

So are we going to panic and give up on the season?  No, because the Dodgers still have to win two more games before the Cubs win three, and they can’t bring back Clayton Kershaw or Rich Hill just yet.  This Cubs team is too good to stay down for long, and it’s not like teams have never come back from down two games to one in a series.

Does this mean we can’t be mad, though?  Nah.  Be as mad as you want.  It’s the playoffs, every little thing should displease us, because the stakes are way higher.  But to give up on this team now is silly.  Let’s see what happens Wednesday and Thursday night before we burn our jerseys.


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