NLCS Game 4: The Rumors of Cubs Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated

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After Tuesday night’s offensive fail, it was understandable that Cubs fans would be jumping off the ledges and portending doom for this overrated team.

What fans, media, and everyone else kind of forgot was that this same team was the one that racked up 103 victories over the regular season, and that Clayton Kershaw and Rich Hill weren’t exactly chopped liver.  And even if they were facing elite pitching, these Cubs are able to grind out enough at bats that more often than not, they will score, and they will win.  This was the case against rookie Julio Urias, who couldn’t even last four innings.  So at the end of the night, there was really only one reaction from the Dodgers:

That tweet obviously didn’t get sent at the end of the game, but with a gigantic lead, the victory was all but secured.  In the meantime, we can scoff at some of the kneejerk reactions from the Cubs faithful as they thought the series was over before the Dodgers got win #4.

Bench Jason Heyward, he sucks!  Well, whether you think this was an out or not…

No wait, bench Addison Russell too, he’s been sucking! But…wait…he hit a home run!  So who do we blame now?  How about Anthony Rizzo?  No wait, he hit a homer too, and had another couple runs batted in later on.

What this means is that there was nothing inherently wrong with this team in the first place.  What happened was baseball being weird, and the Cubs and Joe Maddon were calm and collected as they retained the confidence that they could snap out of it with the process they have been using all season long.  These Cubs were so loose on Wednesday night that even while the Dodgers were self-destructing, they could still be cool with the umpire:

And now we are guaranteed to see baseball at Wrigley Field again.


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