Cubs World Series: Going the Distance

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If I told you at the beginning of spring training that the Chicago Cubs would be playing November baseball, what would you say?

Naturally, if they were going to play baseball in November, that would mean good things were happening, such as…forcing a Game Seven in the World Series against the Cleveland Indians.  This, after playing baseball at Wrigley Field when the ivy is starting to change colors for the winter.  What a season.

The Cubs wouldn’t be the Cubs if they made things too easy, right?  They had to come back from a late deficit to win the NLDS, then navigate a 2-1 NLCS deficit to win the pennant.  And now, after having been down 3-1 to the Indians in the World Series, here we are, heading to Game Seven.

There were some very silly defensive plays, including two of the “runs batted in” by Addison Russell.  But Russell had been putting good wood on the baseball all game long, and made some World Series history of his own:

This was also apparently the first World Series grand slam by a shortstop, which I never would have guessed.  Being in the same conversation as Mickey Mantle is pretty cool, too:

Along with a solid start from Jake Arrieta and the usual great defense, we will see the first Cubs World Series Game Seven since…1945.  I’m very cool with Anthony Rizzo‘s home run to tack on insurance in the ninth.  I’m not cool with Aroldis Chapman having to pitch at all.  But after Wednesday, there is no tomorrow.  All hands on deck!


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2 Replies to “Cubs World Series: Going the Distance”

  1. At least everyone can pitch tonight. There’s no need to rest anyone. Lester, the other starting pitcher whose name I can never remember, and even Arrieta can pitch, leaving Chapman available to get those clean-up outs in the ninth. The key is going to be scoring runs early in the game.

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