Cubs World Series: A Promise Delivered

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I recall, right after the Chicago Cubs clinched the World Series title, staying awake for almost two hours before I finally willed myself to sleep.  I got up at the usual buttcrack of dawn to make it to school in time to do my teacherly duties, and it didn’t even matter too much to me that the students were not focused.  How could anyone be focused after such a monumental achievement?

So after about half a period of content and review, I said “screw it” and just showed the Cubs condensed game for the rest of class.  I did this for just about every class period, and it never got old to see Ben Zobrist and Miguel Montero put the Cubs ahead for good (this time, anyway; we won’t talk about the weird shit that happened earlier in the game).  Students got to congratulate me and fist-bump me, and even the White Sox fans were begrudgingly quiet, aside from a few drought jokes (no longer relevant) and other flaccid quips.

I guess we can look at the aftermath of Wednesday night with more retrospect now, as the initial reaction was quick elation followed by a prolonged shock, yet calm.  Recall when Theo Epstein came over to the Cubs?

Theo was very explicit about needing time to build sustained success.  And over time, we saw the fruits of that plan mature into the juggernaut we love today.  This new juggernaut (which will get better, given that most of the players still can’t rent a car without extra fees) allowed us to witness some special moments during the postgame celebration, and beyond, including this:

We also got to see praise-worthy articles that praised the Cubs, including this rundown of all of Theo’s moves:

I know it’s tempting to be petty and fire some back in a time like this, but I’d rather bask in all the accolades and know that all my patience…all OUR patience…finally paid off with a promise delivered.


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