Fun With the Cubs and Photoshop

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This post idea stemmed from an admission from the New York Times that they had a contingency cover in place for if the Chicago Cubs would have lost the World Series (spoiler: they didn’t lose):

Not a fan of this cover... (Via New York Times)
Not a fan of this cover…
(Via New York Times)

Well, being that the Cubs just slayed goats and curses and all manners of other narratives, I decided to put a twist on the cover…

Look! We're at the Art Institute!
Look! We’re at the Art Institute!

And because some fans and media are a bit salty over the Cubs and their fans celebrating over the past few days, I had another thought…

Well, I decided to do it anyway, and it doesn’t look half bad…

Cubs putting their mark on the Commissioner's Trophy.
Cubs putting their mark on the Commissioner’s Trophy.

As you can see, there’s no stopping us Cubs fans now. We’re going to have fun with this even after it gets annoying for everyone else, because we’ve earned this.  The Chicago Cubs have left their mark all over baseball, a mark that will not soon go away.


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