The Hateable Winners?

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David Ross’ selfie at the Cubs rally!

For years, we fans of the Chicago Cubs have gotten used to the term “lovable losers” whenever the Cubs get brought up. We have been forced to listen to jokes where the Cubs are the punchlines, “Hey speaking of losers…” and the hits kept on coming. Every year when the Cubs would get close, the jokes would come out, the media would bring up stories of the black cat in 1969, the billy goat from 1945 and even a poor fan who had nothing to do with the Cubs loss in 2003. However, legions of fans from across baseball would say they were “rooting for the Cubbies” because they wanted to “be a part of” the moment the they finally won or “the Cub fans deserve to finally experience this”. That is all well and good, but now that the Cubs have actually won, the tides have changed.

The Cubs just won the World Series three days ago, and some fans are already tired of hearing about their championship and want them to move on already.

You did it. You won the game. Congrats. Now it’s over, and the time has come to move on.

Many hours have passed already since your baseball team won its thing for the first time in a very long time. No doubt you went out that night and had a few “brews” and made loud noises and generally collected all the ingredients for the sort of “I was there” story that is of little interest to those outside your town, though that will not stop you from retelling it for decades to come. Now that all of this has safely receded into history, we trust you will have the grace to lay the discussion of this matter to rest with no delay.

I do not know who this “journalist” is a fan of, but seeing how they brought up the Boston Red Sox I am leaning towards the New York Yankees. However, a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals is always a possibility since they are the team the BoSox swept to win their championship. Either way, this clown needs to shut up. Fans will normally celebrate a championship for days, weeks or months. Hell, fans of the 1985 Chicago Bears are still talking about their win from 1985. The Cubs did something they have not done in 108 years. If you think they (or the media for that matter) are going to stop talking about this any time soon, you are very delusional.

You are sounding like a very salty person who is upset that you cannot use your tired old story lines, witless jokes about 108 years, black cats or billy goats. Guess what “Mr. Journalist”, you actually have to do your job now that the Cubs are World Series Champions. Sorry Hamilton Nolan, that is a phrase you will not hear the end of until the end of the 2017 baseball season. If (when?) the Cubs win next year’s title as well, I hope you do not do anything stupid because the party will go on even longer.

However, dopes who call themselves journalists are not alone in sounding stupid. One of the very first articles I read came from a fellow blogger. One of the self proclaimed best team in baseball the Houston Astros.

“That is the overwhelming theme right now after the Game 7, in which the Cubs won and now people are crowning them the best team in baseball? Wrong, like I’ve always said, the Astros were the best team in baseball hands down. The only reason the Astros didn’t make it to the World Series was because of the Rangers Lucky wins against the Astros. If that didn’t happen, Jose Altuve would be holding up the trophy and not overrated Kris Bryant!


Yeah, this might be one of the dumbest things that I have ever read. Talk about a bitter person.

The funniest thing I have heard this dope say was not that the Astros were the best team in baseball, or that Major League Baseball fixed the series. The funniest thing was he said that Kyle Schwarber was never really hurt and that it as a fact which he said here as well.

Ummmmm, Schwarber, like I said was never hurt. Yes those are the facts and you would have to be blind not to see it. Schwarber somehow came back and was able to hit 90+ Mph fastballs? That is not believable and not possible. No human would be able to do that. Especially not Schwarber, who probably has an IQ below 20. Schwarber did face pitching behind closed doors. The Cubs kept it a secret, but all 162 games he was preparing.

This video of Schwarber “hurting” himself was just some A+ acting. Joe Maddon has been considered an innovator in baseball. He’s the reason there are so many shift defensive shifts in baseball now. So is it surprising he brought another innovation into the game? No, it isn’t. He was thinking outside of the box and told Schwarber to fake an injury, so they could have the only fresh player playing in the World Series when they made it to that point. Joe Maddon is an innovator and a great baseball mind.

The butt-hurt and jealousy is strong with this one. Anyone who was actually at the game, I have talked with those who were, can tell you this was no acting job. This is not prowrestling where I once saw in the span of six hours (WWF taped three Monday Night Raws in a row one weekend) I saw The Undertaker going from a full bandaged head to a large bandage to one with nothing covering an injury. Schwarber tore his knee in two places and fought his ass off to get back to the place he just had a hope of returning.

Does this (to steal a line from Chris Jericho) stupid idiot really believe that the Cubs would truly risk not playing Schwarber for 159 games and not making the playoffs just so he could have “fresh legs” for a World Series that might not happen? This guy is as delusional as they come.

Sorry Mr. Astro fan, but if the MLB season really is “scripted” as you seem to believe, then do not be mad that the “Baseball Writers” finally decided to let the glory fall on the Cubs instead of your baseball team that has only one appearance in franchise history and got swept by the Chicago White Sox. Bitter? Yeah, that is a better term to describe you than delusional because I do not think anyone can be that stupid.

Alas, Astros fans are not the only one with a bitter taste in their mouths. Some fans of the Cardinals are as well.

In 2014, the Cubs finished fifth in the NL Central with a 73-89 record. A mere seventeen months later they were the unanimous pre-season pick to win it all. And they did exactly that. Dominantly. How is that blink-of-an-eye transformation possible?

Cubs fans get all giddy about the brilliance of Theo Epstein and/or Joe Maddon, or the emergence of young talent, or veteran leaders. And yeah, those are positive factors.

But really, come on. This incredible Cubs phenomenon simply couldn’t have happened without a massive surge in spending.

Forget for a moment, that outside of Jason Heyward, Jon Lester, John Lackey and Ben Zobrist, all the players the Cubs had on their World Series roster and pretty much the ENTIRE SEASON were drafted or traded for by the Chicago Cubs. Yes, those four players did cost a lot of money, but all four did come to Chicago for LESS MONEY than other teams had offered. Sure, Dexter Fowler had a decent payday, but that was re-signing their own guy, as was re-signing Jake Arrieta and Travis Wood for starters.

The Cubs may have “bought” a World Series in this Cardinal fans eyes, but look around the Cubs roster. The people who are truly important to the Cubs success last year and for years going forward are young and cheap (for now). This team was built from the ground up exactly the way Theo Epstein said. Take your bitterness and go away.

I know several Cardinal fans, and they congratulated us and were happy for us. None are as stupid as this particular fan, nor as bitter. He simply cannot realize, fully understand or accept that the Cubs of yesterday are gone. Now, he and his redbirds are going to have to look up at the Cubs in the standings for what could be a very long time. Especially with the youth of this team and the brains of the front office.

Then, we have those who are not bitter or jealous. We have the White Sox fans. In a way I feel sorry for them. Without meaning to be disrespectful or antagonizing, the White Sox have always been the second team in town. Their fans have always had to deal with the Cubs getting most of the attention in Chicago. Their World Series win in 2005 was theirs. That was what they could hang their hat on. Now, with the Cubs finally winning the World Series, even that is gone. All White Sox fans are left to wonder is how long this will last.


“This will never end,” sighed Sox Fan Jim. “It’s never going to end. Never. Cubs, Cubs, Cubs, Cubs. Cubs. It will be like this forever.”


Oh, the pain.

I can admit, in 2005 I felt the same exact way this guy did. While I was rooting for a Chicago win, I dreaded the aftermath. I was happy for my ChiSox fan friends because they had almost gone as long as the Cubs had (at that point). Year after year ChiSox fans would talk about their ring, bring up 1908 and laugh. I felt shame, disappointment. I felt everything they are feeling now.

I am sorry John. Being the second team in town is never easy. Just as the New York Mets. The Cubs love is not going anywhere any time soon. The Cubs are the World Series Champions for the first time in many of our lifetimes, and that is not something we will forget any time soon, nor will we stop talking about that. You ChiSox fans had 11 years to wave your victory in our faces, and turnabout is fair play.

Perhaps some Cub fans will remember what you put us through this past decade and take things easy on you. But probably not. After all, the Cubs have not been World Series champions in such a long time. You might want to get used to this because with the way this team is built, this “Cubs thing” as you said is not going away any time soon. As you said, the ChiSox expected their glory to last more than a year so the hope with the South Siders is that the same will happen with the Cubs. However, with how young the core is and how cheap and under team control they are I am not sure how likely that is. But, you never really know do you?

Anyway, after years of the jokes and insults I will gladly welcome the jealous, butt hurt haters from the other 29 baseball teams. Wait til next year.

And that is a threat and a promise.

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8 Replies to “The Hateable Winners?”

  1. I’m a Cardinals fan. I’m glad for the Cubs; they’re a great team and the envy of other organizations right now. That said, you don’t know what it’s like to have fans of every other team constantly mocking you and rooting for your downfall, so you aren’t yet qualified to say “bring on the butthurt fans of the other 29 teams.” You don’t yet know how tiring that gets after over a decade, but you’re about to in the coming years. It’s awful, and when your team’s peak ends (years down the road in this case), you’ll be almost relieved, because maybe then everyone will finally, mercifully, and at long last shut up.

      • Fair enough. Perhaps you’ll take the hate better than I have, even as it piles up over the years. I sure have gotten tired of it from my end. Congratulations again.

        • If I worried about what anyone else said about my team all the time, I wouldn’t have as much fun. I figure that their opinion doesn’t faze me, so I’ll concentrate on my team’s success more so than any outsider’s insults and trolling. I think that’s a better attitude to have, anyway. Thanks!

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