A World Series Dream Come True

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Photo by Ashvin Lad

It has been a few days since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, and I am still flying as high as ever. This was a day I knew would happen one day, but I was never sure when that day would come. But today, we Cubs fans stand united as World Series Champions! Yeah, I cannot say that enough. The Cubs are World Series Champions. The feeling is fantastic. Mere words cannot describe the joy I feel when I say that the Cubs won the World Series! Are you tired of me saying that yet? Yeah, I did not think you would be! The Cubs are World Series Champions baby!!!!!!

This has been a wild wild ride. One that was filled with heartbreak, misery, excuses, anger, tears. But damn, I would go through all those years of heart break and misery, shed twice as many tears and relive each and every since one for this moment. The Cubs winning the World Series makes each and every single thing we went through year after year with the Cubs well worthwhile.

As a season ticket hold (not meant to diminish anyone) I feel as though I have been invested and bought in from the very beginning (no, I am not saying I am more of a fan than you). I became a season ticket holder one month after Theo Epstein was hired and told us specifically that the Cubs were going to suck for a number of years. Or did you forget his introductory press conference?

Each and every damn thing Theo Epstein promised us here, he has delivered on. Every. Damn. Thing. There were doubters of the plan from the get go, those who did not want to wait for him to carry out the plan and wanted instant success because they had already waited 103 years to taste victory. But Epstein wanted to do this right, build something that would last. He promised us that we the Cubs fans would celebrate a World Series Championship, and he delivered on that promise. He delivered on each and every promise that he made in the video above.

For the second year in a row, the Cubs made the playoffs. This time they did not have to “back in” by winning the Wild Card. They won the division, and did so in a dominant fashion. While they did not officially lock things up until the middle of September, the division race was over at the beginning of August.

Things were never going to be easy, or worry free. No matter how much you love the Cubs, you knew they would not have an easy path through the playoffs, and would not steamroll anyone. They would have challenges thrust upon them, and yes, Cubs fans would sweat as they started their path to winning the World Series Championship!!!

First up, they had to contend with the San Francisco Giants and their whole “even year magic”. They also had to contend with one of the best post season pitchers in baseball, Madison Bumgarner. While the Giants fans were “belEVEN” they would win the World Series yet again in an even numbered year, as the Cubs saw to, they were “beLEAVING”. The Cubs would win the National League Division Series 3-1.

Their next challenge would be to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers and the best pitcher in baseball Clayton Kershaw. The Cubs fell in this series to Kersaw and would trail 2-1 in the series. However, the Cubs would win the next three games, which include soundly defeating Kershaw in game six to lock up the National League Championship Series.

Then the moment Cubs fans have been waiting 71 years for. The Cubs were playing in the World Series. The Cubs would take on the Cleveland Indians who were in the middle of a World Series drought themselves, but not one nearly as long as the Cubs. As with the first two series, the Cubs would fall into an uphill battle as they would fall to 3-1 in the series. However, when your time has come, you cannot be denied. The Cubs would play their way back into the series and force a game seven.

The Cubs looked to be cruising to an easy win, but they would give us one final scare as Aroldis Chapman would give up a game tying home run in the eighth inning. Now, I do not mind telling you that I feared they would let us down again in the cruelest of ways. Getting within four outs of a World Series championship and then giving everything away. Fate though, was on our side. Chapman would beg to go back out there to pitch the ninth. He was not at his best and he had nothing working for him, but he shut them down to force extra innings.

And then there was a rain delay. Cubs fans and Indians fan were forced to wait 17 minutes for one of their droughts to end, or to continue living in a world without tasting victory. The Cubs would use those 17 minutes wisely.

Jason Heyward, the man fans have been disappointed in all season long rallied the troops and gave a speech to the team reminding them just who they were. A speech which many believe (including the players) inspired them to get the runs they needed in the 10th inning to win the World Series!

In a way, I find it a little amusing that the very first player ever drafted in the Epstein era Albert Almora Jr. is the one who scored the winning run in game seven of the World Series.

This has been an amazing season. One that I shall never forget. The Cubs are World Series Champions. Those are six words I will never get tired of saying.

Wait til next year, is no longer a phrase of hope muttered between fans of the Cubs. No, that is now a phrase which is a threat to each and every team in the Major Leagues.

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