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One major issue I have with the way the MLB awards shows have been presented lately is how they have to just drag everything out.  It takes an entire hour to figure out who won.  The talking heads keep doing their South Park Canadian mouth-flapping, the finalists have to do their cliche-laden sound bytes, and then, half an hour later, we find out who ONE of the winners were.  They repeat this for the other league.  It’s kind of ludicrous, but whatcha gonna do?  I mean, it took forever the other day to find out that Dave Roberts beat out Joe Maddon for Manager of the Year, but hey, ratings or something!

Now that we got that out of the way, the BBWAA announced their winner (FINALLY) and for the National League, it was Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals.  Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks split votes to place second and third, and Clayton Kershaw snagged the other first place votes.  It appeared that Scherzer’s innings and strikeouts were the key to his win, as Lester barely cleared 200 innings and Hendricks was often discounted for pitching in front of a stellar defense.  Interestingly, Jake Arrieta got one fourth-place vote lower in the balloting.

Hey, at least the Cubs won something

At least it wasn’t as weird as the American League winner…

Wins and stuff!


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