A Cubs MVP, With Sparkle

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A day after we lamented the Chicago Cubs losing out on some hardware (but who cares, they kinda won something bigger anyway), the Most Valuable Player awards were announced.  It was nice to have so many Cubs recognized for their achievements even if they didn’t win, including Theo Epstein, who delivered on his promise.

The American League MVP choice was simultaneously a non-surprise and a relief, as Mike Trout brought home his second award amidst some fear that he would be a bridesmaid yet again:

As biased as we want to be, it is hard to argue against the fact that Trout is the best player in the game.  But let’s focus on the National League winner instead, shall we?

It’s not just a decent year, it’s been a decent run of like four or five years for Bryant.

And he can add World Series champion to all that, even before he was officially named MVP.

As for Bryant’s teammates, the BBWAA balloting showed that Anthony Rizzo placed fourth in the voting, Addison Russell got a random sixth place vote, and Kyle Hendricks (who was a Cy Young finalist) got a ninth place vote.  And just for shits and giggles, former Cub D.J. LeMahieu got a few ninth and tenth place votes.

It’s been a pretty good year for the Cubs.  Can’t wait for spring.  But first…the Winter Meetings!


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