A New Year, a New Cubs Convention

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This year’s Cubs Convention will be, shall we say, unconventional.  I’m sure they’ll do their usual thing with the Opening Ceremony, the usual panels, the games for the kids, and Cubs Jeopardy and Bingo.  However, I use the word “unconventional” to mean that this will be the very first Cubs Convention to feature the defending World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

I probably won’t be able to go to this Convention, given the increased pricing and demand for the tickets.  I believe many other Cubs fans had the unfortunate situation where they camped the virtual waiting room only to find out that tickets are unavailable to purchase anyway since scalpers had snatched them all up.  The season ticket holders and the folks smart enough to get the hotel packages months ago will get first-hand views of the action, while the rest of us peasants will just have to live vicariously through Twitter and Instagram updates on a brief delay as all the Cubs beat writers scramble to Tweet the same stuff.

There is some tentative information about the attendees as well as the usual events on the Cubs website.  I’m guessing at some point we will see snaps of the official program and when players and icons will set up to sign autographs.  I see that former Cubs pitcher Sean Marshall has been invited and will attend, though the prospects seem kind of lacking this time around, with just a couple of pitchers and Jeimer Candelario listed.  Maybe later on they’ll try to bring in Eloy Jimenez or Ian Happ, but they probably want to do their own thing to prepare for their own shot at The Show.

For those of you lucky enough to go, have a blast at the Convention.  If a pass magically lands in my lap, I might come join you.


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