Choosing 2017 Cubs Games To Attend Based On the Promotional Schedule

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Did you all see this yet?

Depending on who you talk to, this might be the best or the worst promotional item ever devised.  And it also gave me some inspiration with respect to the team to the North…

While my earlier contention that I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to many Cubs games is true, that doesn’t mean I can’t go to just ONE.  At the Cubs Convention just last weekend, the team released some details about the promotional giveaways at Wrigley Field this season.  This seems like a good way to snag a few tickets for myself and the family and also to get some cool Cubs swag.  So let’s check the schedule and see what might work…if not for me, then maybe for your benefit.

Wednesday, April 12 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Replica Championship Banner — This seems like something that will be in great demand, good luck getting tickets to this one, particularly since it is during the home opening series!

Saturday, April 15 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Replica World Series Trophy — Another item that figures to be in demand, this time during a weekend day game when more fans can make it, but it is April so you may hope that the weather would scare a good portion of fans away.

Saturday, May 20 vs. Milwaukee Brewers

“The Final Out” Bobblehead — I haven’t seen a design for this one yet, but I think it could potentially be a double bobblehead, with Kris Bryant tossing the baseball to Anthony Rizzo as they both celebrate.  This is probably the ONE game I do my best to get to!

Wednesday, June 7 vs. Miami Marlins

Replica Jersey — Not a lot of details on this one, but any time you can get a new jersey for “free” (since you had to pay for the ticket, duh), you gotta take advantage of it!

Thursday, June 8 vs. Colorado Rockies

“World Series MVP” Bobblehead — As Ben Zobrist‘s head bobs, his wife’s song will play to your everlasting joy/bemusement.  The Rockies series has some nice giveaways all weekend long.

Wednesday, June 21 vs. San Diego Padres

Anthony Rizzo Mini Platinum Glove — No matter how you feel about a first baseman winning the best defender prize, this seems like a cool souvenir.

Wednesday, July 5 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

“Turning Two” Bobblehead — Probably one of the many great turns by Addison Russell and Javier Baez.  Right after the Fourth of July, so you know plenty of fans will be at the park.

Friday, July 21 vs. St. Louis Cardinals

Cubs Sunglasses — The first giveaway after the All-Star Break, and while I doubt these are of high quality, you can never have too many pairs of shades.

Tuesday, August 1 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Cubs Ice Mold — I’m a big fan of weird ice molds, like the Death Star or Han Solo in carbonite, so this might be something fun to get.  The next might, you can also score a Cubs Fedora!

Monday, August 14 vs. Cincinnati Reds

Fergie Jenkins Retired #31 Flag — That is certainly a fun item that you can drape across your man/woman cave.  This is the series opener, and the series finale on Thursday will feature a “Starting Aces” bobblehead, which probably features John Lackey eating roadkill.

If you have kids, the Cubs are still doing the “Kids Run The Bases” thing every Sunday home game, and some of those days also come with a kids item giveaway.  Now to just wait for the single-game tickets to go on sale…


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