The 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame Class

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Since the last time we talked about this, it’s been a few long weeks until Wednesday night’s announcement of the official 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot results.  Ryan Thibodaux has the current publicly-released ballots organized on his awesome HOF tracker.  We expect the results to be on the BBWAA website shortly (Ah, there it is!).

Welcome to Cooperstown, Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, and Ivan Rodriguez!  The induction ceremony will be July 30.

Bagwell will join his teammate, Craig Biggio, a couple years later.  Raines went the distance on the ballot as he was caught in the 15-to-10 year cut, but finally got in.  Pudge got in on his first try, just over the 75% threshold.

As for the holdovers, Vladimir Guerrero will most likely get in next year with 71.7%.  Trevor Hoffman also just barely missed, with 74% of the vote.  Down the line, we see should-be Hall of Famers like Edgar Martinez, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens make significant gains.  Edgar has only two years left on the ballot, but may get a huge boost now that the ballot has been uncluttered somewhat.  Mike Mussina also made a huge step forward, but Curt Schilling suffered a major hit after his many foibles on social media.

For the Chicago Cubs, long-time ballot mainstay Lee Smith has finally run out of time, dropping off the ballot in his final year with only 34.2% of the vote.  Sammy Sosa stays alive, with 8.6%.  There were sprinkles of votes for random guys, but not enough to keep Jorge Posada on the ballot, as he is surprisingly one-and-done with only 3.8% of the vote.

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