Giving Way To Spring

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I just realized that it’s been over two weeks since we’ve actually written anything.  It’s amazing how much time real life takes up as any free time that we might get is prioritized towards friends and family.  I guess the current events don’t really lend themselves to commentary on this site, either, but let’s hope that nothing happens that would cause us to no longer stick to sports.

It also doesn’t help that there isn’t all that much in the way of baseball news.  Teams seem to be a little less inclined to sign the middle-tier free agents (possibly due to the new CBA financial adjustments), and for the Chicago Cubs, they have only lost a few players at the fringes and are pretty much set up with internal options.  We have seen a few acquisitions, like Brett Anderson and Eddie Butler, who could serve as pitching depth this coming season, but most of the tinkering was done weeks ago.  Now…we wait.

With the Super Bowl on Sunday, this signals the end of one national obsession, and the gradual switch to our next obsession, which is baseball.  Today, we celebrate the boy’s 12th birthday, play video games, snack on a cornucopia of possibly unhealthy foods, and await the commercials and halftime show and allegedly some form of athletic contest in between.

Soon after the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy, however, we can begin rebuilding our depth charts (as if we hadn’t started already), set up defensive alignments, platoons, pitching strategies, and every adjustment that might be made from the time the Cubs report to Mesa on Valentine’s Day until the last out of the World Series.

We already know that many Cubs players have already started working out, some of whom are even doing so in Mesa.  For the past few weeks, we’ve been subjected to players acting bored because they technically weren’t supposed to start working out yet, but were still champing at the bit to get things going again.  Anthony Rizzo, for example:

We know that players like Jason Heyward, Kyle Schwarber, and Willson Contreras have already begun work in the cages, and some, like Javier Baez, will even play in the World Baseball Classic.  Back home in Chicago, the Wrigley Field construction is taking advantage of an abnormally mild winter to get things done before the home opener in April.

There is still a lull before organized baseball begins anew, and for me, the high school won’t start full squad workouts until after the Cubs get underway in Arizona.  But it’s getting closer to baseball, and while we shouldn’t let it distract us too much from what’s going on in the world now, having an outlet every now and then is healthy, so I definitely welcome it.

We see images like this:

…and we immediately feel excited for what is to come.


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