Saturday Cubs Home Run Party Because We’re Bored

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With a long weekend, Saturdays are particularly lazy.  My family and I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather (hello, global climate change!) to open the windows and go outside to play.  Now, here we are on a Saturday night with not much else to do until tomorrow.  The Cubs were also rained out of their on-field workout in Arizona, so it’s like none of us really did anything all day, really.

I perused the 2016 Chicago Cubs scores and saw that the team didn’t actually fare all that well on Saturday.  By my count (and I might be wrong on this one), the Cubs went 11-14 on Saturday in the regular season.  However, the Cubs did play four Saturday games in the postseason, going 3-1 in those contests.  Alas, the final one was the loss in the World Series that put them into a 3-1 hole, but we all know what happened at the end, right?

Since whoever is reading this is as bored as I am, let’s check out those Saturday postseason highlights…

1. October 8, NLDS Game 2 vs. Giants

Here’s Travis Wood (see ya later, good luck on the Royals) hitting only the second postseason home run ever by a relief pitcher:

2. October 15, NLCS Game 1 vs. Dodgers

Miguel Montero hit the loudest home run in Cubs postseason history, and Dexter Fowler (good luck with the Cards) followed that up with his own aftershock:

3. October 22, NLCS Game 6 vs. Dodgers

Anthony Rizzo…off of Clayton Kershaw, no less.  I guess we could give the pitchers some love for only facing the minimum, but this is a home run party, after all:

4. October 29, World Series Game 4 vs. Indians

Yeah, that was an annoying game, but Fowler made sure the Cubs wouldn’t be shut out.  And they came back from a 3-1 deficit, so we can look upon this moment and laugh now.

Good night, everyone!  The Cubs won the World Series.


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