Cubs Practice: Keep Them Salty

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Saturday’s Cactus League split squad openers happened without incident, as everyone got their work in and generally stayed healthy.  While some of the results weren’t what one would call “productive,” it was still nice to see the ball come off the bat with a nice sound, especially for Jason Heyward.  The takeaway is that they’re all working on stuff this spring, and it was a beautiful day for baseball on a cold winter day for us in Chicago.  Check out the view:

We joke, but the Cubs will once again host a game at Sloan Park on Sunday, this time against their World Series nemesis, the Cleveland Indians:

Naturally, there is a “Game Eight” vibe with this game given the opponent, and the Indians Twitter folks took advantage of that to have a bit of fun:

And although the Commissioner is keen on changing the game all kinds, I doubt this rule will actually be enforced, so nobody freak out!  The Indians people are good folks and a fun follow, so you should give them a click here and there.  They’re also very good at deflecting trolls, just as the Cubs Twitter folks were adept at back when “108” and “1908” were still a thing.  Here’s the Indians lineup, by the way:

It’s been very fun to be the hated team this spring, as everyone pretty much has to refer to the Cubs as the World Series champions.  Broadcasters, the commercials, everything is referring to the little thing that happened last November.

Anything that keeps the other 29 teams salty is okay with me!

The game is at 2 PM Central, and we’re a couple of weeks away from Daylight Savings Time, when the game starts will shift to 3 PM Central.  You can stream the video off if you have an account (we might be able to share some video later) and listen live in the Chicago area on The Score.


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