Cubs Practice: Crosstown Rivalry Far From Home (VIDEOS)

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Spring training means that not all games are televised, and with the way games are scheduled, also means I can’t get to all of them due to school.  So highlights for Monday are going to be scarce.  However, if you’re yearning for baseball action, check out Sunday’s highlights.

As far as I can tell, nobody got hurt.  Addison Russell and Willson Contreras went yard, and the starters were out by mid-game as usual this early in spring training.  Brett Anderson got an inning of work and gave up no runs.  Pierce Johnson also picked up a scoreless inning.

Johnson might be getting fast-tracked to Wrigley by way of the bullpen, so let’s see when he debuts for the big league club this summer.

I did tune in to hear that Munenori Kawasaki got himself on base, then stole second and moved to third on a throwing error.  He was stranded to end the game in a tie, but again, nobody got hurt and we had fun.  Here’s to tomorrow!

UPDATE: I goofed. It seems there was, as it stands, one minor injury:

It’s not one of the regulars, but it still sucks to potentially lose some depth if the injury is lingering.  Jemile Weeks is probably several rungs down the ladder, but it’s always good to have a Plan F after Plans A through E.

UPDATE 2: Cubs finally posted a couple videos of the homers. Russell’s bomb was particularly impressive.



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