Cubs Practice: A Few Dings, Almost a Dinger

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The Cubs dropped their practice game today, but emerged relatively unscathed, so again we will call that a win. ESPN’s Jesse Rogers was able to talk to Joe Maddon about the Anthony Rizzo scratch:

I’m not an expert in psychology, but Maddon’s attitude suggests this is one of those things where if it were the regular season and the Cubs were up in the division by only 10 games, Rizzo would play through it.  So not an issue.  Another Cub, Rob Zastryzny, did get stung in the game:

Zastryzny is probably stretching out to be depth at Iowa, so it’s expected that he would be gassed early in spring after almost three innings.  The two runs charged to him came around to score after he left the game.  Of more interest is Jason Heyward, who has been tinkering with his swing to get back in the groove:

Heyward didn’t strike out in the game, with two balls in the air and a grounder to first.  It sounded like he hit them hard, though…

Some of last year’s struggles were because of Heyward’s jacked up swing, but some of it was also due to bad luck.  Sounds like more of the same this spring so far, and it is important to note that the small sample size can’t really give us any conclusions.  The only thing we can say is that, for the most part, Heyward is hitting the ball with a bit more authority, they’re just finding gloves.  C’est la vie.

By the way, Jon Lester is the Opening Day starter, and the Cubs put together a nifty montage for the deserving ace:

Looks like Jake Arrieta is the game two guy, and then they’ll play it by ear.  Thursday’s slate includes a night time split squad, so that will probably be written up tomorrow at some point.  Pretty chill spring so far for the Cubs.

UPDATE: Missed this one from early this afternoon…

That sucks for Weeks, who was plowed into on a play at second base the other day.  Hopefully he recovers well and finds another shot in the Cubs organization or elsewhere.


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