Cubs Practice: At Least the Guys We Care About Were OK (VIDEOS)

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Since it’s spring training, I still don’t really care who wins or loses, although it sure would be nice if some of the minor league relievers would keep a big lead here and there just for my own peace of mind.  Alas, that was not the case, so we’re left with just the many positives to talk about anyway.  From Friday’s practice game:

  • Cy Young finalist Kyle Hendricks took his second start and ramped it up to three innings, in which he didn’t give up a run and was generally never in trouble.  I think he’s ready.  That was about all we could say for the pitching side.
  • Albert Almora returned after sitting out a few games because of a sore calf that gave him a bit of trouble.  It seemed that he’s okay now, on both offense…

…and defense, too!

A healthy Albert makes me happy.

  • Prospect Chesny Young got a big hit on the day to extend the Cubs’ lead at the time…

  • One of the Cubs’ top prospects, Ian Happ, got to play designated hitter and made the most of his day, going 4-for-5 and churning out most of the offense for the Cubs:

The Cubs host the Colorado Rockies on Saturday, with the game being broadcast on The Score if you want to listen in.  Between now and then, you can do yourself a favor and enter a contest to win free Cubs tickets.


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