Cubs Practice: It’s Happ-ening! (VIDEOS)

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After the regulars got their day in the sun, a few of the younger guys got to soak in some playing time as the Chicago Cubs visited the San Diego Padres on Monday afternoon.  The game was a low-scoring affair, but there were plenty of bright spots from the boys.

  • John Lackey got in his second spring start, giving up a run in his final inning when he lost command and gave up some contact.  The run scored on a Willson Contreras throwing error, but it was considered earned since Lackey gave up a couple baserunners afterwards so the run “should have scored” based on the sequence of events.  Safe to say that Lackey got his work in and didn’t much care for the random run he gave up.
  • Albert Almora got on base twice, one of them being a double, and scored a run.  He also had a TOOTBLAN, but it’s spring training.  I couldn’t tell if he was waved in by the third base coach just to test the outfielder, or if he went on his own just for the hell of it since there were two outs.  Oh well.

  • Top prospect Ian Happ, who will most likely be starting the year in the minors, kept making a case for himself, going 3-for-3 with the eventual game-winning two-run homer early on in the game.

That ball went really really far, which is usual for the Arizona thin air, but still impressive.

  • Willson Contreras made up for the lone Padres run by driving in his own run with a double.

Yeah, yeah, the sun helped, but that was hit so deep that it would have scored the run on the sacrifice fly anyway.

  • Jake Buchanan got in a couple of scoreless innings before he took a comebacker off his shoulder.

The Cubs play again on Tuesday, hosting the Milwaukee Brewers at Sloan Park.  Checking the scoreboard, the Brewers were pounding on the Seattle Mariners and at the time that I was writing this up, they were up 24-3 on the poor M’s.  No mercy rule in spring training, even if there is one in the World Baseball Classic.  While you wait for the next practice game, you can feel free to enter the giveaway for Yankees-Cubs tickets at Wrigley Field this May, or just check out this video of Almora and Happ talking about their spring so far.

I keep forgetting that Albert still has rookie status, as he played sparingly in the regular season but was critical for the playoffs and World Series on a few plays.  The future is still looking bright!


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