Happy Season Ticket Day!

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Today is the day we have been waiting for; and by we I mean me and my family. Today, our 2017 season tickets arrived. As if we needed any reminding who won the World Series… all we had to do is open the FedEx box and see the ticket packaging.

That’s right, the Chicago Cubs are the 2016 World Series CHAMPIONS! No, I did not need any reminding. I have been enjoying this moment all off season. Knowing the Cubs won the World Series and that indisputable fact [sorry, St. Louis Cardinal & Chicago White Sox fans (not really)] and having that moment actually sink in are two completely different situations. I have known they won the whole damn thing for the past four months, but if I was being completely honest believing they actually won took a few days. I kept giving my championship hat a double take every time I passed by. That moment sinking in took a little while longer.

This was something we have waited our whole lives for, and celebrated the moment not only for ourselves, but for those who could not be here to witness the historic even for themselves. We celebrated well into the night, and for a few days there after. In fact, some people might still be celebrating… anyone seen Theo Epstein lately?

Inside the season ticket box was a nice picture.

Along with a special message to season ticket holders.

Yes… that World Series Dream we all had came true thanks to the Cubs. In just under three weeks time, the Chicago Cubs will begin the 2017 campaign as defending World Series Champions. This truly is a new era of Chicago Cubs baseball!

Our yearly “prizes” consist of the usual lanyards, but they also came with a Chicago Cubs hat with the World Series Champions patch and replica scorecards from all seven games of the World Series. I was hoping for a replica ring… but the Cubs dashed that hope at the convention. No matter, I still got the tickets!

The excitement is mounting! And I have just one question for you.

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