So Much Cubs Glory For Those Times You’re Bored

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There were something like 16 billion articles written on the Chicago Cubs’ 2016 World Series championship run, and while those are all nice, sometimes you need to watch the highlights and relive the glory.  And if you’re in a long stretch between games, or you don’t find certain sporting events interesting, etc., well…that means you have time to get through a longer highlight reel.

The Media Center has all games archived and set up as condensed games as well, showing major plays and the final pitches of every significant plate appearance.  I’m not sure when they expire, but until they do, and given that all are embeddable (YAY), this is a good place to show all 11 victories en route to the greatest moment of our sporting lives.

NLDS vs. San Francisco Giants

Game 1: Javier Baez hit his homer around 6:53 of this clip…

Game 2: Kyle Hendricks gets his run-scoring hit about 3:32, and leaves the game around the 6:50 mark after a comebacker (he ended up being OK), while former Cubs pitcher Travis Wood hits his homer at 7:54.

Game 4: Grandpa David Ross hits a homer at 2:15, and the comeback for the ages starts at 9:10.

NLCS vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Game 1: Javy steals home at 4:25, and Miguel Montero hits the best grand slam in Wrigley Field postseason history at 14:45.

Game 4: Jason Heyward throws out Adrian Gonzalez at home around the 3:45 mark, and Addison Russell puts the Cubs ahead for good at 6:50.

Game 5: You can watch Jon Lester field his position most amusingly around 3:07, and Anthony Rizzo drops a 100-point bunt at 10:55.  Adrian Gonzalez tried his own bunt at 11:25, but Javy was too good for that upon replay.  The Cubs would plate their winning run at 13:55.

Game 6: Well, the clincher!  Just enjoy this, especially Willson Contreras‘ bat drop after homering against Clayton Kershaw at 5:28.  Kyle Hendricks also has a sweet pickoff at 3:04.

World Series vs. Cleveland Indians (who blew a 3-1 lead)

Game 2: You can see Javy the Teletubbie get on base at the 2:00 mark, but the Cubs wouldn’t plate the winning run until Kyle Schwarber‘s single around 3:17 (worth the visual after the play haha).   Jake Arrieta would lose his no-hitter at 10:23.

Game 5: The first World Series win at Wrigley Field in over 70 years.  Ross and Rizzo have their juggly catch at 1:32.  Heyward’s catch is at 4:10.  Kris Bryant hits the tying homer at 5:15, and the Cubs plate the winning run at 8:18.

Game 6: Back to Cleveland. Addison Russell hits the “double” that everyone missed at 1:38.  He then breaks the game open and send the Cubs to Game 7, pretty much, on the grand slam at 6:11.

Game 7: The clincher.  Another Hendricks pickoff at 4:06.  After the rain delay, the game-winning rally starts at 24:07.  The final out and celebration starts at 28:18.

The Cubs won the World Series.  People forget that.  Now here are 11 reasons not to forget anymore.


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