The Dreamcast Will Return…

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Hello folks!  It’s been…waaaaaay too long since we’ve set up our podcast, due in part to life responsibilities, and perhaps more so because we’re technologically incompetent.  Thankfully, software and support has gotten better over the years and we’re now looking to restart the Dreamcast, albeit in a different format than it used to be.  While we have continued to run the blog consistently, we haven’t actually done a Dreamcast since the end of the 2015 season, and that’s just not right considering…well, you know.

I do want to shout out Mauricio Rubio for starting this thing for us all those years ago, even if he’s a trader now (you’ll know why if you follow us, or just go to his Twitter, but we still consider Mau a good friend of the blog and the “trader” thing is only in jest).  And when we get set up, a big shout out too to Rich D’Anna, who is allowing us to use his awesome new song for our interstitial music.  You can purchase his song for yourself on iTunes.  And, y’know, if you like it, rate it well on the iTunes so he can maybe make some money off it!

I’m still working out the kinks for podcast hosting, streaming, editing, and all that jazz, but stay tuned.  This is just one of a few things I’m looking to tweak (the website hasn’t really seen an overhaul for a while) so I’m excited about making it look prettier and more user-friendly.  We really want to return with a vengeance before Opening Day!


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