Cubs to Delay Ring Ceremony to a Future Day Yet to be Determined

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That is the only way to describe the mess the Chicago Cubs find themselves in after the latest mishap.

Fans have been waiting five months to see what the Cubs historic World Series ring would look like after they won the first World Series championship in 108 years. The Cubs have been pretty secretive about what the ring would look like, but a few tidbits have made their way out. When the latest word came out that the Cubs ring would have 108 diamonds and would pretty much be one of the largest and most expensive championship rings ever made, the fans eyes got wide. The Cubs deserved the absolute best after such a historic championship season which saw them win 103 games (114 counting the playoffs) and that is what Tom Ricketts tried to give the Cubs and their fans. Key word is tried.

After taking delivery of nearly 100 rings Friday night, Ricketts opened a box and received a rather unwelcome surprise. The rings they had received were not the amazing ones that were ordered. Instead, they received cases of rings which were made for another team.

When the Cubs contacted Jostens with the idea for their ring, they thought that there would be no issue.  Somewhere in the process the design was changed before being sent out to the manufacturers. One could imagine the look on Ricketts’ face when he opened the first ring box and saw not a Cubs ring, but that of the San Francisco Giants.

“At first, I thought that this was just a practical joke,” said Ricketts. “Someone wanted to get a laugh in so they slipped one of these rings in our shipment. However when I opened up the next box, and then the next one, I realized that this was far worse than a practical joke.”

Jostens President and CEO Erick Nigma is calling this a multi million dollar mistake.

“I am not quite sure how this happened,” said Nigma. “We followed the same process we always do when we have special orders. This is going to take time to rectify this mistake, but the Cubs will be receiving their proper rings as soon as we can straighten this mess out.”

Nigma promised a full investigation, and vowed whoever was responsible for this mishap would pay with more than just his job.

The Cubs now face a dilemma. There is not enough time to create as many rings as the Cubs need in order to go forward with their ring ceremony plans.

“This is rather unfortunate situation,” said the Cubs chairman, “We have spent a lot of money for plans for our ring ceremony on April 12th.”

The Cubs held a contest to find fans to act as ring bearers who would have the honor of delivering the special rings to the players and coaches who would be receiving them.

“We had a rather sizable celebration planned. Our ring bearers were also going to be surprised with special replica rings as part of their participation in the ceremony. Now, I am not sure if that can happen as we are really backed into a corner.”

This will have a far greater impact than most people imagine. Ticket prices for this game were already going for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market, a game which is now “just a normal game.”

When the Cubs finally receive the proper rings, Ricketts promised that the celebration will be even grander than originally planned.

“While this was not something we could control, we feel responsible for letting our fans down. We will make this right.”

The new date for the Cubs ring ceremony has yet to be determined, but the month of July seems like the earliest they can possibly get anything done.

Cubs fans are used to waiting, what is a few more months?


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