The Cubs Are in First Place With 159 Games to Go

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As I toil away at school before spring break, it occurs to me that a subset of Chicago Cubs fans were riding and dying with every pitch of every inning…three games into the season.  Well, now that the Cubs have taken the season-opening series from the rival St. Louis Cardinals, I think it’s safe to say that the season is saved.

What’s that, you say?  There are 159 games left?  Well, shiver me timbers!

It seemed that the early season scuffles from the offense and some defensive miscues (despite the plethora of fine defensive plays that unfortunately fell to the wayside in the wake of said miscues) made some fans a bit uncomfortable.  Maybe it was because Kris Bryant was oh-for-season so far.  Maybe because John Lackey got dinged around after Ben Zobrist botched an easy double play.

No matter!  The Cubs knew that there were outs-aplenty to work with, and work with them they did.  First, the new leadoff guy:

This was after some Cubs branded Devil Magic:

And of course, the new guy, who everyone was scared was total crap in spring training, got the save…again.

The Cubs are tied with the Cincinnati Reds for first place in the National League Central Division, with a chance to keep pace or move ahead when they travel to take on the Milwaukee Brewers.  After that, they will come home to deserving applause at Wrigley Field.  And hey, even if they do stumble a bit out of the gate, remember that this is basically the same team that won the World Series last year, and baseball is a marathon.  Don’t sweat it just yet.


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