Countdown to the Home Opener and the New Wrigley Field!

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We’re a three-game series from the Chicago Cubs–nay, the defending WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Chicago Cubs–returning triumphantly to Wrigley Field.  And it will be a different Wrigley Field than in seasons past, as many improvements have been implemented before the home opener on Monday.  We will discuss them in more depth after Anno attends the home opener in our next Dreamcast…in the meantime, you can check out the previous one!

Danny Ecker is a great follow on Twitter, and was among various Cubs business reporters who got to tour the newly constructed complex and plaza on Friday while the Cubs were in Milwaukee.  He was able to compile all the released videos on the renovation process here.  The one that I was most interested in was about the bullpen move to under the bleachers, which you can see below:

I urge you all to check out all the videos, and if you’re anything like me, we as Cubs fans won’t be able to wait until all is revealed on Monday to fans thirsty for more glory.


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