The Cubs Home Opener…How Do We Feel?

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The shortest offseason in Chicago Cubs history meant that we didn’t have to wait quite as long to see the first home game of the new season.  It did, however, mean that the construction crews had to fast-track their work to prepare Wrigley Field and the surrounding area for fans on Monday, April 10.  Having a 4-2 road trip to start the season helped us with the wait, and also allowed the club enough time to finalize the most important parts of this year’s renovations.

It was very nice to be able to track the renovation progress over the winter, and the Cubs released a time-lapse of the tear-down and build-up before Game 1 of 81:

You can also see other videos from here.

So, barely five months after the last big celebration, the Cubs and their fans will celebrate again at Wrigley to bring this championship full circle.  While a week of games have already been played, now that Wrigley will get a fancy new banner (maybe more than one) and the players will receive their rings on Wednesday, we’ve gotten to the transition point where we stop looking to the past (even if it was an awesome moment for Cubs fans) and start looking toward the future.

In terms of history, this is going to be the first time we as Cubs fans (or any Cubs fan, for that matter) has celebrated the previous year’s champion at Wrigley Field.  This comes after the first ever broadcast call of the Cubs’ final out to secure the World Series championship (Joe Buck on TV, and Pat Hughes on radio), so there was all kinds of history to be told for the 2016 title.

For me, I had a great time watching the World Series DVD and game highlights over and over again during the offseason and spring training.  But I’ve always yearned for the season to start over again, so that I can follow the marathon of Cubs baseball through to whatever finish line they get to.  My preference, and probably yours as well, is that the Cubs repeat as World Series champions, but as we all know, baseball is a fickle beast.  We can be reasonably confident that the Cubs can get back to the playoffs, and having so many shots at ultimate glory, the math would favor us seeing another November parade–if not this year, then maybe in the years to come.

The home opener and the associated ceremonies may close one chapter in the Cubs lore, but it’s only the beginning of the next great journey.  Let’s go.


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