The Cubs Get Their Rings!

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After Monday night’s banner ceremony and walk-off victory, the Chicago Cubs players got their World Series championship rings on the field before Wednesday night’s game.  We got a hint of what they would look like:

It was a really nice gesture by the Cubs to invite their die-hard fans to present the rings to the players.  Our friend Crawly was one of the lucky few:

Crawly will be Storifying his experience and talking with us on the next Dreamcast, and you can listen to the previous edition here.  I did like the idea of the Cubs splitting up the ceremony to maximize the glory-soaking.  One day was reserved for the players themselves, in a way, as they were the ones who got to raise the banner, but Wednesday’s ring ceremony was like a way for the team to connect directly with their fans, albeit a handful of them.

The rings, by the way, are really big.  And really shiny.  So awesome.

The Cubs really put some time into their ring design!

And where’s Oprah for this?  You get a ring!  And you get a ring!  EVERYONE gets a ring!

The executives and Hall of Famers got their rings first, and then the players came out and got theirs from the fans.  Rings for Ron Santo and Ernie Banks were made as tributes in the Cubs archives, which is really a nice touch.

Crawly got to present to Miguel Montero, which was cool.  Miggy is definitely gonna wear this.

And boy, did they ever show it off.



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