On the Cubs Pitchers and Velocity

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You may have heard some nervous chatter about the Chicago Cubs starting pitchers and their noticeable drop in fastball velocity.  There has been speculation on why this is, from a switch in tracking technology, to age or wear and tear due to consecutive deep playoff runs.  We had recently discussed some of this on the Dreamcast, and suggested that we need to monitor it more.  For their part, the Cubs starters have not really worried too much about it.

Saturday, manager Joe Maddon spoke with the press about this and seemed to assuage some of our concerns:

It is characteristic of an organization that is so forward-thinking and focused on long-term success to also implement this type of philosophy on a more “micro” scale, in ensuring that their pitchers are paced for the long marathon of the regular season.  It does appear also that most pitchers are healthy and capable given the performances we’ve seen so far, despite the apparent (and voluntary) sacrifice of velocity:

Granted, ERA is not the ultimate measure of pitcher success, but even our lying eyes can see that the starters have been solid in the early going.  The organization has a philosophy intended to maximize use and productivity, and here’s hoping it works out when it does get to September and October!


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