Cubs Slaying Monsters and Narratives

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A day after volunteering at the Race to Wrigley, and having to wake up at an obscene hour without much time in between to nap, I was eating my older cereal quickly so we could have a shot at digging into the new Championship Edition RizzOs (they’re great!) the wife bought recently.  I recall the prior edition tasting very much like Honey Nut Cheerios, so I’m curious to see if they modified the formula to add more of a winning flavor.

I was also recalling the Chicago Cubs’ victory over the Boston Red Sox, which I watched as I fought off sleep (I made it through!).  You know how fans have been lately, with the Cubs not having gone something like 22-0 and a few players scuffling here or there.  Of course you have the ones who think Kyle Schwarber leading off is stupid.  And then everyone getting mad because the starters won’t stop giving up runs in bunches.  Some of that will correct itself, as Schwarber eventually figured it out enough to deliver the go-ahead run.  Then you have people complaining about the bullpen, because they let a few games get away; yet recently, the bullpen has been the key component keeping the Cubs in games long enough for the dramatic comebacks to take place.

One of the fun stories was some of the Cubs youngsters seeing Fenway Park action for the first time.  I don’t think they were that nervous:

At the least, they weren’t afraid of the Green Monster, as Ben Zobrist also cleared it with an insurance homer, and both Zobrist and Jon Jay played the carom off the Monster perfectly to keep Boston baserunners at bay.  It was reminiscent of how Manny Ramirez, a subpar defender in his own right, used to play the Monster superbly as what seemed his only elite defensive skill.

Another story was how the Cubs hadn’t faced a knuckleballer in years, but it didn’t take long for Anthony Rizzo and Miguel Montero to figure the pitch out…like, way out.

Even though they’re not piling up the victories like last year’s team, the 2017 Cubs have shown that they’re capable of writing their own narratives, and they’re certainly not scared of any monsters, green or otherwise.


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