May the Odds Ever Be In Your Favor

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I admit it, I’m a Chicago Cubs homer.  But it’s easy to root for this team, especially since they’re built so well at every position.  Sure, they’re not firing on all cylinders YET, but we’re barely into May and there are plenty of games left for the Cubs to find their groove.  Despite being just barely over .500, the Cubs are still projected to make the playoffs (with around 95% probability!).  I don’t really think we have much to worry about.

We’re still in the realm of “small sample size,” so all this comes with caveats.  But it’s interesting that even in such a small sample, for every Cubs fan gripe, we can still find a counter-example to say, “Nah, they’re gonna be ok.”  And it’s not false confidence; this team is good, even if they’ve been playing poorly so far.  I tend to think of this month of “mediocrity” as an in-season tune-up for the rest of the season.  I’m also very grateful for the relative health of every major player so far.  In a way, it’s comforting to know that the players aren’t performing up to their usual high standards not because they’re hurt, but because they simply haven’t gotten settled yet.

I think the confidence and faith in the Cubs gets rewarded more often than not.  I went to the game on Tuesday, and despite the Cubs being down early, they were able to turn the game into a laugher.  The offense came from Kyle Schwarber, who some fans believe should probably not lead off anymore given his recent struggles, but y’know…

…and Javier Baez, who had been slumping as well.  If you’ve listened to our Dreamcast (and you should probably e-mail us some questions and comments, by the way), then you know that I feel like this team is the perfect setting for struggling young players to bust out of their funk with more reps.  Before too long, we will probably laugh about April’s meh record just as we did about the mid-season struggles in 2016.


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