Ian Happ’s Debut Was a Plethora of Firsts

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We’ve been talking about it since November when Ian Happ went nuts in the Arizona Fall League Title Game, but when we dropped the most recent Dreamcast, we didn’t think he would be up so soon.  Back in 2015, when there was the whole bruhaha about Kris Bryant‘s service time, at least there was a rather conveniently-timed injury to a guy on the active roster to open up the spot for him.  With Happ, it was a perfect storm of unfortunate maladies to guys like Bryant (the poops), Jon Jay & Ben Zobrist (back tweaks), and Addison Russell (shoulder) that finally got the Cubs to give him a shot about a month-and-a-half into the season.

As it was, Ian Happ gave the Cubs a shot in return:

If you are keeping score, the Cubs have gotten game action from each of their first-round picks since Javier Baez in 2011.  And Happ joins a pretty interesting list of Cubs as well with his long ball:

Happ’s debut featured his first career three true outcomes, as he struck out on an extremely generous strike three call, got his first walk, and of course, launched his first homer to notch his first hit.  He did get the ball back:

And in another first for the opponent, Happ got to be part of Busch Stadium history:

It will be very interesting to see what happens once Jason Heyward returns from the disabled list and the other guys get back to 100%, but let’s just say Ian Happ made a very good first impression.

As long as he’s not traded for pitching, I think Happ will fit right in.


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