Grandpa Rossy’s Dance Tour

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I’m sure you’ve seen the snippets of Grandpa David Ross dancing his tail off during Chicago Cubs rain delays or just channel surfing on Monday nights.  You might also have known that somehow, through sheer will, tons of infectious fun, and the good will of Cubs fans and assorted voters, Ross has made it all the way to the finals.  It’s no surprise given dance routines like the one he did to start the season:

Then the one that he did on the final Monday, once again baseball themed:

And who could forget the Magic Mike routine that put Ross into our hearts and nightmares:

David Ross and his partner, Lindsay Arnold, didn’t get a perfect score until their Monday freestyle.  However, even the judges that seemed to be down on him each week acknowledged Ross’ hard work and joyful attitude, even on the final night’s dance for all the marbles.  36 out of 40 ain’t bad, and 109 was their finals total.

On the same night his former teammates hit a home run or three, Grandpa Rossy had one last big shot.  At least he took second place, but what a ride!  In the end, Rashad Jennings had better footwork and was a great choice for champion, but Grandpa Rossy showed once again what a strong work ethic and a positive attitude can do for a perceived underdog.


Featured image via Chicago Tribune

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