Welcome Back Dexter Fowler, Thanks For Losing

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You may have gotten a chance to listen to our Dreamcast already, but if not, give it a listen and rate etc.  Anyway, it’s been a somber week or so as the Chicago Cubs have been floundering quite a bit, for reasons that aren’t exactly clear.  The nice thing is that they are now at home, and welcomed back an old friend…


Such good buddies, even if Dexter Fowler is wearing the wrong threads.

The former Cub would torch his old team right away, but the Cubs got the last laugh as Jason Heyward drove in a couple key runs, including the game-winner set up by Anthony Rizzo‘s superb baserunning.  As noted elsewhere, Rizzo had a very good 24 hour period.  And after the game (you can catch all of it here), the Cubs Twitter got to dig at the Cardinals again.

As we get ready to go on summer vacation, WSD will start posting more.  We do have day jobs and do this mostly as a hobby, but do appreciate you following our blogs, listening to our podcasts, and just hanging out with us.  If you wouldn’t mind, just share our blogs and Dreamcast with your friends, and do rate our Dreamcast on iTunes to get it more attention.  Go Cubs!


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