Large Adult Son Keeps Cubs Winning Streak Alive (UPDATE: To a Record, Too! VIDEOS)

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The day after former Chicago Cubs outfielder Dexter Fowler got his ring and a deservedly warm ovation, his former team got another win and clinched the series with a couple of very key plays.

First, here’s Jon Lester actually throwing to first base and picking off a runner!

That is a legit throw, not a lob, not an underhand toss, not a deliberate throw into the dirt.  That’ll certainly make folks think several times about running on Lester, not that they are that much this year anyway for whatever reason.

Then, we have Kyle Schwarber doing his large adult son thing:

After lots of scuffling and a drop in the lineup, the Cubs and Joe Maddon continued to show faith in Kyle’s ability to bust out of his slump.  And boy did he ever!  Demote this, he said with his large adult son bat.

One more to go, and already the Cubs are helping us forget about that California trip

(I’m aware that it’s only two in a row, which doesn’t exactly count as a “streak,” but who cares?)

UPDATE: With the power of hindsight, Schwarber’s grand slam turned out to be part of a historical day for MLB:

A very diverse group that included at least one future Hall of Famer:

How about that?  And that barrage of salamis is probably overshadowed by a no-hitter, if you can believe it…


Featured image courtesy of @Cubs

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