More Offerings at Wrigley Field if You’re a Rich Bastard

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Recently, I looked at some fixes Major League Baseball might consider to improve the pace of play.  This has the added effect of keeping fans interested and overall increasing the enjoyment of the game, at least in my opinion.  Grabbing casual fans’ attention can only improve the sport.

Of course, as with any business, the Chicago Cubs want as much revenue as possible.  And while they will get a lot of it in terms of merchandising and the average fan getting their tickets in the nosebleeds, the big cash cows are in many of the rich folks who use parts of Wrigley Field as their occasional getaway

In the year since the 1914 Club was announced, about 1,500 fans have signed up for the priority list for a shot at one of the roughly 1,500 premier club seats. The premier seats — the only ones with access to the four clubs — will make up about 4 percent of the ballpark’s 41,159 capacity, and affected season ticket holders will have first dibs on their current seats — for a higher price that automatically includes club access.

While this doesn’t necessarily impact me or other peasants, it does kind of suck that we can’t get the VIP experience without having to fork over half of year of mortgage payments.  However, this is an entertainment enterprise, and we are neither guaranteed entertainment, nor obligated to purchase it.  Maybe one of these days, I’ll get lucky and a rich friend will invite me to one of those clubs, but for now, I’ll be on the outside looking in.

The super-fru-fru seats only make up a small portion of the available seats, so I’ll still have chances to go to Wrigley Field on the cheap.  It might be nice to sit in one of those snazzy new clubs, but even with their fancy big screens, I don’t think it’s going to be the same experience as being out in the elements taking in the game live.  The view from the seating bowl is great, unless you’re behind a support beam.  Having a behind-the-scenes look at things like the batting tunnel plus all the gourmet food (read: not processed nachos) will remain a luxury that I cannot afford…for now.

If you’re a rich person and don’t mind bequeathing some cash to me, perhaps I can partake in the club scene?


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