Why? Can Someone PLEASE Tell Me Why?

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Let me be clear. I am not rushing to judgment. I will not condemn or exonerate Addison Russell until everything comes out. I am not saying he is guilty or if his wife’s friends are lying. Please refrain from victim bashing or rushing to deem Russell guilty. At the moment, all his wife is accusing him of is infidelity. The ones accusing Russell of abuse are her friends, which she has yet to verify or deny.

That being said, why are people so quick to defend their favorite athlete as if they were the best of friends and know each other better than brothers? Any time an athlete gets into trouble, and accusations are made, sports fans are always quick to call the accusing party a “gold digger” and stand on top of a mount top to call her a liar.

How do you know? Were you there when these things allegedly happened? Do you know them or know the situation other than what you have heard in the press? Have you ever had a lengthy (more than a minute long “hi, how are you”) conversation? Probably not.

Yes, there are people who seek out athletes looking for a “pay day.” But give me a break.

People rush to judgment so fast. “This guy is too nice of a guy to ever do that” or “what an asshole, throw him in jail.” The facts are not out so take a chill pill.

The truth of the matter is, we do not know any of these guys, at all. We only see what they want us to see. They may appear to be the nicest people in the world, but that is only what they want us to see. People can appear to be amazing role models, but be involved in some pretty bad stuff.

Even when all is said and done, we will never know if what is said to be the truth is what actually happened. As the old saying goes, money talks. A nice payoff can get people to change their story really quick. As stated earlier, yes, there are some “gold diggers” out there. But to assume everyone who accuses an athlete of something underhanded is a lying gold digger is irresponsible. Along the same lines, so is assuming guilt immediately.

At the same time, just because a player denies accusations does not mean they are innocent either. Even convicted abusers, rapists and murders claim innocence. Some times they are and are found guilty anyway, but they almost always claim innocence. Do you really expect the accused to stand up and admit to things even if they did what they are accused of?

Unfortunately most of these fans who say they hope it’s not true is not for the sake of the alleged victim, but because they are worried how this will hurt their team if these claims are true.

Just sit back and wait. Just stop picking sides in these situations. Wait for something more than accusations.

8 Replies to “Why? Can Someone PLEASE Tell Me Why?”

  1. Sorry, but anyone deserves to be left to solve this kind of problem in their own space and time, not necessarily just because they are a celebrity or an athlete etc. Even bloggers deserve the same process, don’t you think?

    • I agree, things like this should be handled privately. But when one party makes it public and another party close to the situation makes it worse that is hard to do. Granted it likely would have come out later. My issue though was with people taking stands without knowing anything and defending people when they don’t even really know who they are.

  2. Well put. Situations like this can’t end well. Either the offending party is guilty of the accusations which bring to light inexcusable actions that should never be tolerated, or, the accusing party is shown to be creating a story for personal gain or revenge that defames someone and cheapens the act of the accusation. But at this time, we don’t know which is true and it is not fair to either party to declare one legitimate or the other a liar. Either way, it isn’t a baseball thing, but unfortunately it will be played out on that stage. And the outcome will be sad, whatever the outcome is.

  3. I’ve seen many Sox fans reacting gleefully at Addy’s troubles, making comments like “Such-and-such player got more hits than Russell’s wife.” Morons cracking jokes about domestic violence.

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