New Cubs Coming For 2017 — MLB Draft, Day 1 (UPDATES)

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Finally, the MLB Draft has arrived!  As before:

Since the Cubs are extremely likely to forfeit future picks for anyone, especially not picking so late in each round, let’s assume they only go 5% over their allotted amount.  This gives Chicago North a total of $7,827,645 to spread across their picks, including whatever amount over $100,000 they spend on rounds 11-40.  This is still a significant amount over what they could do in 2016, so I expect some interesting names to follow come June.

As discussed in the Dreamcast, the Cubs have three picks on the first night of the Draft, picking 27th, 30th, and 67th overall.  As we sat through the on-field Cubs slogging along in New York, down the road in Seacaucus, the front office was hard at work trying to select the next great Cub.  Considering that the past five first-round picks have made it to the MLB level for the Cubs, I think we can put our trust into the brainiacs here.  Many very intriguing names were already off the board by the time we got to the 27th pick, but this one might be a diamond in the rough:

The scouting report suggests that he has plus velocity but it’s hard to figure out whether he’s a starter or a reliever.  But it’s hard to find someone who can throw that hard from the left side, so this seems like a decent gamble.

The Cubs took another interesting project with their next pick:

It sounds like Lange has an opportunity to become a mid-rotation starter, which would be very welcome.  The Cubs have shifted away from their usual philosophy of picking a polished bat, instead opting to do what they had preached all offseason and up to this point: focusing on acquiring impact pitching.  Here’s hoping this works out!

I have to say that putting the premiere night of the MLB Draft against a potential clinching game of the NBA Finals was probably a bad idea, but thank goodness for multiple tabs.  For their final pick of the night:

The Cubs weren’t lying when they said they were focusing on pitching.  That’s three on the first night alone, with eight rounds to go in the main slots.  Cory Abbott is probably going to be an underslot-type signing since he’s ranked out of the top 100, but he has some very intriguing tools that the Cubs may be able to work with.  This ends the Cubs’ selections on day one.


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