Javier Baez’s Magical Game

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I think first thing I need to do is explain that…no, Joe Maddon is NOT a moron despite what you may have seen from the headline.  What today’s experiment does show, however, is that a good chunk of people who follow us don’t read the blogs and don’t get our humor.  And that’s fine, if a little bit irksome at times.

Anyway, I normally don’t do this after games because I don’t have the time nor the energy these days, but Monday’s squeaker of a win was an exception because of one Javier Baez.  I think maybe we should give him a good chunk of credit for scoring a pivotal run as well as driving in the eventual game-winning run, but I think his defense spoke volumes tonight when the Cubs pitchers weren’t missing as many bats as we’d like.  Here’s a spectacular diving snag to rob Bryce Harper:

And here’s Javy robbing Adam Lind with a catch he had no business making:

Yeah, the Cubs made it super interesting in the ninth, but they probably don’t even get to that point without some Javy magic.


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